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General Availability Application - Terms & Conditions

  1. General Availability is the period when .XXX domains can be purchased or blocked on a first come, first served basis.
  2. The General Availability period begins on December6th 2011 and we will be accepting pre-orders from 18th August 2011..
  3. Pre-ordering to block a .XXX domain does not guarantee that you will be successful in your application..
  4. The General Availability opendate is set by ICM Registry and is subject to change. We will endeavour to communicate any changes to these dates to applicants as soon as we can..
  5. PT iT iNTERNET cannot accept any responsibility for unsuccessful applications due to incorrect information supplied by applicants..
  6. A successful application to block will result in the .XXX domain becoming non-resolving..
  7. If your application is unsuccessful, your £49.99 application fee will be refunded, however a one-off non-refundable admin fee of £14.99 applies to all General Availability pre-orders..
  8. A.XXX domain will continue to be blocked upon the customer paying the £49.99 ex VAT annual fee to do so..
  9. All applications for blocking .XXX domains in General Availability must be in accordance with ICM Registry's rules and regulations set out here: http://icmregistry.com/launch-plan.php.


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