Transfer Domain Name to us

Transferring a domain name from an existing host to us is simple, although before the domain name can be moved you may need to contact your current web hosting provider to either obtain an Auth Code or to change the IPSTAG's, depending on the type of domain you wish to transfer away.

FOR .uk domain names

Before a domain transfer order can be placed with PT iT iNTERNET you will need to arrange for the IPS tag (or Internet Provider Security tag)/ or registrar tag to be changed to PTITINTERNET. If your current host provides you with an online portal to amend details for your domain name, you may be able to change these details without having to contact the current host. Once the domain is tagged as PTITINTERNET you are ready to place your domain transfer order with PT iT iNTERNET online and can expect fulfilment of the order within 24 – 48 hours.

FOR non .uk domain names

If you wish to transfer a non .uk domain to PT iT iNTERNET, you will need to arrange for your current web hosting provider to provide an Auth Code/ transfer key before the domain can be released. This code ensures that domains are not transferred away unlawfully and to ensure that only the rightful domain owner can arrange for domains to move providers.
For either type of domain transfer, once you have arranged for the IPSTAGS to be changed (.uk) or you have received an Auth Code (non .uk), you will be able to progress your order to move the domain to PT iT iNTERNET. Please also bear in mind that you will need the provide details of where the domain is to point mail and/or web traffic if this is an active domain. This is usually an IP address and can be obtained from your current web hosting provider if you do not have these details already.


Transfer Domain Name to us

Transferring a domain name from an existing host to us is simple

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